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Cicchetti – Small Italian Plates

For the last 3 and one half years, at the corner of the streets Yehuda Halevi and Mazeh, with doors that open to the street, one can find Cicchetti – Italian Food Bar, A different kind of Italian, one that is a bit less familiar to us. It is not exactly a restaurant, not exactly a wine bar, but it is just the place for you to feel at home.

Cicchetti, “Small Plates” in Italian, is a well-known concept in Italy and especially in Venice. There, in the city of the gondolas, locals gather in the afternoon hours, drink a glass of Aperol Spritzer, or Prosecco and nibble on a few cicchetti – the Italian equivalent of non-committal Tapas. At times this is only a social gathering prior to dinner and at others this is the meal itself, but it always has the same feeling – simple, fresh, authentic and tasty. These happy moments, which only happen in Italy, are the inspiration for Cicchetti.

Cicchetti adapts the small plates experience to the Tel Aviv vibe and connects an atmosphere of happiness and freedom with a culinary experience, all directed by Chef Michael Gratofsky. The Chefs and cooks in Tel Aviv that occupy seats in the restaurant on a daily basis are testimony to Chef Gratofsky’s skill, and have already turned it into kind of a neighborhood bar in which they gather before and after work.

An important part of the neighborhood bars in Italy is the warmth of the hosting.  Behind the hosting in Cicchetti is a dedicated, intelligent and inviting team that is not pretentious in a nonchalant and very Tel Avivian, non-binding and very clear atmosphere with no bells and whistles and with a lot of quality and content invested in the menu and the seats.

The Cicchetti menu is made up of small plates, from which one can nibble from a portion or two along with a light cocktail, or compile a complete dinner with a carafe of wine on the side. The portions change with the seasons and are based on traditional cooking techniques with a lot of respect paid to Italian regional cooking. 

The cocktail menu pays respect and provides a stage for the Italian drinking tradition that is so important to the culinary world. Here we drink a lot of vermouth and amaro. We have the largest collection in the country!

After long research, we can even say (proudly, of course proudly) that Cicchetti is the first place in Israel to serve “Bellini”, the famous cocktail, invented in Venice , poured directly from the barrel.

Furthermore, on site we serve a variety of spritzers that are poured from carafes, a separate category Negroni in different and original variations and a new category of classic cocktails with the Cicchetti Italian twist.

Important to remember always! Our measure of success is maintaining the holy trinity: Food – Service – Atmosphere.

That is Cicchetti. Italin Food Bar

Here we believe that good food, alcohol, a lot of humility and a lot of soul make our live better.


Phone: 053-9344951
Opening Hours:
Sun-Thu , 17:30-00:00
Fri-Sat , 12:00-16:00 , 18:30-00:00
Private room
Handicapped Access
Smoking area

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Phone: 053-9344951
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